Presented by the Danna Center Gallery

December 5 – January 5

Opening Reception: December 5, 5:00pm-7:00pm

Since the Large Hardon Particle Collider went online in 2010, physicists have been working intently to finally prove or disprove the existence of the “God Particle”, also known as the Higgs Boson. On July 4th, 2012 the scientific team at the collider announced they confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson, while also making another significant scientific breakthrough. Their thirst for knowledge meant colliding particles at insane speeds, 40 million times per second, all day, all year. A side effect of the process, which was predicted by the scientists, was the development of microscopic momentary black holes. What they didn’t predict was that these black holes would give them a glimpse into the 7 parallel universes, now commonly known as the Multiverse, which were predicted by the dual resonance model of string theory.

The Museum for the Scientific Exploration of the Multiverse aims to meticulously catalog and display significant discoveries from the parallel universes. While this task continues to be infinitely overwhelming it will give our world a glimpse into the fantastic and unimaginable discoveries that have been made at the Hardon Collider.

These other earthly worlds have produced fervor of speculation and media coverage. However many of the discoveries have only been made available to the scientific community for research purposes with the public at large remaining completely unaware of many details of these other dimensions. In this exhibition, MSEM presents to the public for the first time a collection of artifacts and discoveries from one of these fantastic Parallel Universes, Universe Volte-face.


Volte-facea turnabout, especially a reversal of opinion or policy.

This newly discovered universe has turned our understanding of beauty of the human form upside down and inside out.  Our society has often marveled at the rare distasteful abnormalities of the human form. In the past we have gawked with eye seizing horror at the “Freaks” displayed in the roadside carnivals.

The cultures of Volte-face view these rare individuals as something more than just roadside attractions. Individuals with deviations from the normal classical human appearance are seen as beautiful and are championed. Their oddities are honored and gain them a higher social status from an early age.

We present to you in this exhibition a collection of artifacts from Universe Volte-face that demonstrates the alternate views of this unique culture.